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Some talks

  • Introduction to minimal surfaces and harmonic maps, Workshop “Minimal surfaces in symmetric spaces and Labourie’s conjecture” in Autrans. August 22-26, 2022 (notes)
  • Shear-bend coordinates for pleated surfaces in PSL(d,C), AMS-SMF-EMS Special Meeting in Grenoble. July 20, 2022 (slides).
  • A para-hyperKähler structure on the space of GHMC anti-de Sitter 3-manifolds, Heidelberg University. June 10, 2022 (slides).
  • Pleated surfaces for SO(2,n)-maximal representations, University of Virginia. April 5, 2022 (slides).
  • Pleated surfaces for SO(2,n)-maximal representations, 55th Spring Topology & Dynamical Systems Conference. March 12, 2022 (recording).
  • Infima of volumes of convex co-compact hyperbolic 3-manifolds, NCNGT 2021 Conference (recording).
  • Constant Gaussian curvature surfaces in hyperbolic 3-manifolds, Pangolin seminar. November 3, 2020 (slides).

Conferences co-organized

REU Project (Summer 2021, University of Virginia)

Katherine Betts, Troy Larsen, Jeffrey Utley, Avalon Vanis, The Tri-Pants graph of the twice-punctured torus, preprint arXiv:2111.07136.

Abstract: We investigate the structure of the tri-pants graph, a simplicial graph introduced by Maloni and Palesi, whose vertices correspond to particular collections of homotopy classes of simple closed curves of the twice-punctured torus, called tri-pants, and whose edges connect two vertices whenever the corresponding pants differ by suitable elementary moves. In particular, by examining the relationship between the tri-pants graph and the dual of the Farey complex, we prove that the tri-pants graph is connected and it has infinite diameter.