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  1. ArXiv preprint
    Volume, entropy, and diameter in \(\mathrm S \mathrm O(p,q+1)\)-higher Teichmüller spaces
    Filippo Mazzoli, and Gabriele Viaggi
    submitted, Dec 2023
  2. ArXiv preprint
    \(d\)-pleated surfaces and their shear-bend coordinates
    Sara MaloniGiuseppe MartoneFilippo Mazzoli, and Tengren Zhang
    submitted, May 2023


  1. ArXiv preprint
    \(\mathrm S \mathrm O_0(2,n+1)\)-maximal representations and hyperbolic surfaces
    Filippo Mazzoli, and Gabriele Viaggi
    to appear in Mem. Amer. Math. Soc., Jun 2022
  2. Forum Math. \(Σ\)
    Length functions in Teichmüller and anti-de Sitter geometry
    Filippo Mazzoli, and Gabriele Viaggi
    Forum Math. Sigma, Nov 2023
  3. Math. Ann.
    Quasi-Fuchsian manifolds close to the Fuchsian locus are foliated by constant mean curvature surfaces
    Diptaishik ChoudhuryFilippo Mazzoli, and Andrea Seppi
    Math. Ann., Apr 2023


  1. Geom. Topol.
    The infimum of the dual volume of convex co-compact hyperbolic \(3\)-manifolds
    Filippo Mazzoli
    Geom. Topol., Aug 2023
  2. ArXiv preprint
    Para-hyperKähler geometry of the deformation space of maximal globally hyperbolic anti-de Sitter three-manifolds
    Filippo MazzoliAndrea Seppi, and Andrea Tamburelli
    to appear in Mem. Amer. Math. Soc., Jul 2021


  1. ArXiv preprint
    Constant Gaussian curvature foliations and Schläfli formulas of hyperbolic \(3\)-manifolds
    Filippo Mazzoli
    to appear in Ann. Sc. norm. super. Pisa - Cl. sci., Oct 2019
  2. Trans. AMS
    The dual volume of quasi-Fuchsian manifolds and the Weil-Petersson distance
    Filippo Mazzoli
    Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., Oct 2022


  1. A&GT
    The dual Bonahon-Schläfli formula
    Filippo Mazzoli
    Algebr. Geom. Topol., Oct 2021


  1. ArXiv preprint
    Intertwining operators of the quantum Teichmüller space
    Filippo Mazzoli
    under revision, Oct 2016